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« Your professional solution         
          to make your shots »

You are a professional photographer, you have digital photo camera or you are about to have one, and you are looking for a fast, simple and effective solution to shot students and generate trombinoscopes of your schools, high schools, colleges that trust you?

Trombino Photo is for you !


Trombino Photo can read photos as you shot them (during the shooting) and link them automatically with a student (using a file given by the school containing students information).

Thus, the complete and easy to understand trombinoscopes of every class are available immediatly.

For you, a powerful work tool with instant service for your efficiency and that of your partner schools.
Trombino Photo


Designed with an education conselor and a school photographer, Trombino Scolaire and Trombino Photo are adapted to the needs
of the two businesses.

Trombino Photo includes numerous options such as Automatic detection of the camera, importation of students information (from a text file, Excel,...), exportation of photos, addition/modification/remove of students and classes during the shooting, modification of photos.
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    Logiciel Trombino Photo

Don't hesitate to read the user documentation of Trombino Photo for a precise description of all the features.

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