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Download our softwares in limited version

To help you understand better how our softwares work, we offer you,
for each software, a demo version. This version has some limitations explained below:

  • Trombino Photo "demo"
    This version contains the same features than the full version, except that the number of captured photos from a camera is limited. The number of launching of the software is also limited. Download now ! (52 Mo)
  • Test data file
    You can use this Excel file to test importation in our softwares. It contains few fictive students simulating what any school software could generate.
    To use it in Trombino Photo or Trombino Scolaire, just click File, Import.
    Download now ! (14 Ko)
Téléchargez la version complète de Trombino Scolaire
Download our documentations

Please find below our documentation that detail every feature of our software. Feel free to print them in order to keep them with you when you use the software.

Other tools
  • PDF Creator: software simulating a printer to save trombinoscopes as PDF files
    Download now (17 Mo)
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