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Trombino legal notice

Terms of use for the documents of this website

Use of all the documents on this web server (the « Server ») is autorised if:

  • Information regarding copyright below appears on all the copies and information about the current terms also appears,
  • use of those documents cannot be sold without grants from the authors.

Thoses documents cannot be copied or transmitted on networks or any other media, and no modification can be done to the documents. Use of the documents in any other ways than the one authorized is strictly prohibited. Anyone not respecting those terms is being guilty of illegal copy and is elligible to sentences described by the law.

The above documents doesn't include visual design of the Trombino website. Elements from the Trombino website are protected by the drawing and modelling rights, author rights, and any law regarding concurrency and cannot be partially or fully copied Except by a specific authorization by Tenqi, no logo, graphicla element, sound nor picture coming from Trombino website, can be copied or transmitted.

Tenqi and/or its providers do not declare any appropriate personnal use of the information contained in the documents and in the graphical elementspublished on this server. All the documents and graphical elements are delivered "as is" without any warranty. Tenqi and/or its prodivers exclude any implicit warranty regarding described information, especially any warranty of any personnal use and no unauthorized copies.

Tenqi and/or its providers cannot be declare responsable in anyway, whatever action, indirect dommages, accessoiries (nor dommage resulting for a malfunction, loss of data or loss of benefits) resulting from or linked to the use or utilisation of information given on this server.

Documents and graphical elements published on this server may contain technical errors or typing errors. On a regular basis, changes are made to information available on this server. Tenqi and/or its providers can at any time make modifications or changes to the product(s), service(s) and program(s) described on this website.

Terms of use of the softwares, documents and services available on this website

Tenqi and/or its prodivers cannot be declared responsable, whatever the basis, indirect dommages, accessoiries (nor any dommage resulting from a malfunction, loss of data or loss of benetifs) resulting from or linked to the use or operations of the softwares or documents available on this server. The same dispositions apply to given (or the absence of) services on this website.

Conditions regarding image rights:

Tenqi declines any responsability about the use of its softwares or services not respecting dispositions of the article 9 of the French Civil Code which deals with the right for any person to the respect of its private life. Use ot our softwares implies to take all the measures necessary to ensure that the use of individual photo is respected.

Legal notice for author rights

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All rights reserved

Trombino Scolaire and Trombino Photo are commercial brands of Tenqi.

The products names, services and companies mentioned are brands of their associated owners. Schools, names and data used in the examples are fake. No link to any school, name, product or event which exists or existed is intentionned.

All rights not especially given are reserved by Tenqi.

User license contract for the softwares of the Trombino Suite

Important - read carefully before using the software: By installing the software or by using it, you recognize being linked to the terms of the « user » license contract of the software. If you disagree with the terms of this contract, do not install or access the software. You can send it back where you get it in order to be fully refund.

Grant of a license: You are authorized to install and having one copy of the software on one computer. The software license cannot be shared. The current license is only for the company/school described on the invoice.

Author rights: Rights for intellectual property of the softwares, documents printed or not and any copie of the software are the property of Tenqi and/or its providers. Tenqi is the only owner of the exclusive edition rights. The author is the owner of the software according to the french law of march 11th, 1957 and the french law of July 3rd, 1985 about the rights of the software owner. The software contains secrets of processing. In order to protect them, your are not allowed to modify the softwares to manipulate it in order to make it readable by a human, for example using de-compilation. You are also forbidden to loan, to give, to create dericated products or to transfer it from one computer to another.

Image rights: Tenqi decine any responsabiities on the use made of its softwares without respecting french civil code (Article 9) regarding the right of any person about its private life. The user of the softwares must take the necessary measures to ensure that individual photos privacy integrated in the softwares is respected.

Services: Optional contracts of services (for updates, hotline) are yearly based. They cover from the day the license is bougth (indicated on the invoice) to 365 days later.

Payment conditions: Payment can be made by check or bank transfer on the bank account specified on the invoice before the maximum authorized date indicated on the invoice. Any unpayed bill at the specified date will be legally overcharged without warning using the rate specified on the invoice representing 2 times the legal interest rate, calculated monthly. The whole price is reviewed yearly.

Warranty on the supports: Tenqi will replace any damaged physical medium it saled, if returned. In other cases, copies of the software or license will not be provided regarding contractual warranty.

Applicable law: Any contrary condition gave by the customer cannot be charged to Tenqi. The current license follows the french laws. If a court decide that a condition is unapplicable, other dispositions will stay unchanged. Poitiers (France) court are the one declared as competent.

Property reserve: Property transfer will only be applied on full payment of the license.

No warranty: Under the appliable measures of the law, Tenqi and/or its providers cannot be declared responsable of any dammage, accessoiries, direct or indirect accident of any nature (included without limitation, data loss, benetifs loss, confidential data loss, activity alteration, physical actions, privacy life intrusion, lack of any obligation including paying attention, resulting or linked to the use of (or the impossibility to use) the softwares or hotline, or for any reason from this contract even when Tenqi and/or its providers misses its engagments or warranties even if they were advised of the possible damages.

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