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Frequently Asked Questions about the Trombino Suite

You will find below a large number of questions that you are probably asking yourself about the Trombino softwares.

General information

What is Trombino Scolaire?

Trombino Scolaire is a software used to print several documents and lists using students photos.
Data are read from a Students database (custom format of the Trombino Suite), created by Trombino Scolaire or Trombino Photo after importing data from your usual Students managment software.

What is Trombino Photo?

Trombino Photo is a software used to read and copy photos taken by a camera connected to the computer using a Students database. During the shooting, each photo is linked to a student and its main information (lastname, firstname, birthdate, sex...).

Why should I use Trombino Suite?

As a photographer, with Trombino Photo, you can connect your camera to your computer and automatically link a photo to a student during the shooting. When the shooting is finished, you can transfer your Students database with the photos to the school.

So, the process of renaming photos or creating trombinoscope is done automatically, without doing any preparation work in your office.

It reduces your amount of work and increases your productivity, and reducing the delivery delays of the photos and trombinoscopes to the schools. You can even deliver them at the shooting.

As a school, Trombino Scolaire helps you printing various documents (lists, trombinoscopes, individual forms...), using data transmitted by the photographer the day of the shooting.

Can Trombino Scolaire be used without Trombino Photo?

Yes, but Trombino Scolaire is mostly used to print documents (lists, trombinoscopes, individual forms...). Linking photos directly from a camera can only be done using Trombino Photo.
Trombino Scolaire can associate image file (photos) to students, but it shall be done one by one.

Can I try Trombino Scolaire?

Yes, you can download the demo version of Trombino Scolaire. Be carefull, it's a limited version to only 40 students.
Go to our Download to access the demo version.

Can I try Trombino Photo?

Yes, you can download the demo version of Trombino Photo. Be carefull, it's limited to 2 shots. Go on our Download to access the demo version.

Is the Students database compatible with other softwares?

Yes, Trombino Suite is compatible with any software that can export its data to an Excel, CSV-Text or DBase format.

Those exported data can then be imported into Trombino Scolaire or Trombino Photo, through the importation functionnality. They will then be saved in the Trombino format (compatible with Trombino Scolaire and Trombino Photo).


I cannot activate my Trombino Scolaire or Trombino Photo license. What should I do?

If you use automatic activation, check that your computer is connected to the Internet and that you correctly enter your license (only lowercase, respecting special characters).

If you use manual activation, check that you correctly copied your license, the unique identifier and the activation key that was genereted by our website (respecting the upper and lower case, special characters).

Is the activation still doesn't work, contact us using our contact (specifying your license, unique key and activation key).

How long my Trombino Scolaire license is valid?

A Trombino Scolaire license is valid for one school year (from September to August), whenever you activate it (in September, November or February).
If your school works on a different schedule (for example from January to December), contact us directly using our contact.

How long my Trombino Photo license is valid?

A Trombino Photo has no time limitation of use.

How long can I download updates for Trombino Scolaire?

Updates for Trombino Scolaire can be installed with no time limitation, as long as your license is valid.

How long can I download updates for Trombino Photo?

Updates for Trombino Photo can be installed for one year (365 days) after activation of your license.


Which cameras are compatible with Trombino Photo?
Trombino Photo was tested with the following cameras: Canon 50D, Canon 40D, Canon D30, Canon D20, Canon D10, Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D70, Nikon D200, Nikon D300, Fuji S5. However, the communication protocol used makes it compatible with a large number of cameras (whatever brand and model). If your camera isn't compatible, our technical department can adapt Trombino Photo to your camera.

On which operating system Trombino Scolaire and Trombino Photo runs?
The Trombino Suite runs on computers having Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP. It's not compatible with Mac OS.

I would like a additional functionnality on Trombino Scolaire or Trombino Photo. What should I do?
We can add any functionnality that can improve our software suite. Don't hesitate to contact to explain your needs.

I noticed a bug in Trombino Scolaire or Trombino Photo. What should I do?
Send us a message using our contact, specifying what manipulations you did before the bug appeara and what precise message you had. If it's reproductible, we will correct it as soon as possible and a patch will be available to correct the problem.

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